Small or large we have a solution that will fit your needs. We love making websites. We create, and also maintain, service, and refresh. Plus: website repairs are our specialty. Whatever your site's needs are, we can help you out.

Websites include x3 unique mock-ups based on your/others promotional and branding samples used as a guide line. After this we combine all your feedback and produce a final stage which we revise until we've meet your needs. (with-in reason) :) A basic 5 page site includes analysis and planning, coding and integration (HTML) populating the sections, Quality Assurance testing and Search Engine Optomization.
The average site starts at just over $1,500. If you are wanting something quick and easy templates are also available starting $500.

Computer Services

We still enjoy repairing, rebuilding and replacing your home computer parts. Wondering if that box in the corner is worth looking at? Wish that box would run a little faster? Have a dent in the side of that box the same shape as your shoe?

Don't worry, most computers can take on a new life with a few new parts.
If it's just not running right we can look at that too.
If we can't fix it we don't charge.

Update your home Networking, streaming video, media servers and apple TV. We'll set it up right and train you on what's what.


Print is not dead!
Ads, newspapers, magazines and books will always be needed. We get great satisfaction out of creating a well done print ad or direct mail piece. We have designed:

  • event posters
  • books
  • magazine spreads
  • stands
  • signs
  • covers
  • flyers
  • postcards
  • invitations
  • and more...

  • We can handle designing, and consulting with the printer for your project.


    Training for your staff can save you time and money.
    Group training or one-on-one, we teach:

    • Photoshop
    • Illustrator
    • HTML
    • Flash Animation
    • Computers 101
  • Apple basics
  • Electronics 101
  • Multimedia
  • Networking
  • and more...

  • Photoshop Photo Retouching

    Photoshop has always been a great love or ours. Do you have the perfect photo with one person not smiling, red eyes, or damage? Thanks to the miracle of Photoshop this is no longer a problem!

    Email or drop off your picture and we'll do our magic and get it back in a jiffy.